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    • About CN2SG
      CN2SG is a commitment to provide procurement Singapore consumers, cross-border transport service e-commerce platform.CN2SG hope that through our services, the real to do online shopping without borders, no time, no distanc. Here, you only need click mouse or press the phone's screen, and can be online anytime and anywhere in China! We provide ubiquitous for global Chinese online Chinese goods act as purchasing agency service and focus in order to solve the demand of the domestic shopping overseas Chinese, one-stop purchasing taobao, Tmall goods, such as jingdong shopping website, free service charge on a regular basis, a variety of payment settlement easily, safe and convenient, freight rates is low and has a discount.
    • Shopping Mall

    • New User Registration

      Register a new account with CN2SG is very simple, the whole process takes you just one minute.


      1. Click "Member Register" on the left-top of main page

      2, In the registration page, enter your username, e-mail address,  password, and security code, and then click on the "Submit" button to complete the registration.

    • Daigou

    • What is Daigou?

      Daigou is that you find someone to help buy goods for you, probably because you can not buy this product at local, or the price of local goods more expensive than other areas. What CN2SG does is helping Singapore people buy goods from China, then ship to Singapore by courier with door-to-door deliver, it is a common form of Daigou.


      Via CN2SG, you can buy China goods from all famous China eCommerce websites, you can pay by SGD or other foreign currencies directly to purchase. With just a click on CN2SG, all China eCommerce commodities are on your fingers, absolutely fast and convenient!


      Benefits with Daigou:
         A. You can choose and purchase unlimited goods online in China;
         B. You can use SGD and RMB to purchase;
         C. You can receive your goods purchased within 10 working days;
         D. You can get a sound return and exchange policy guarantee;

         E. You can get professional customer service from our Daigou service team, and you can get every answer on your questions encountered during Daigou. 


      Under what circumstances, you choose us to Daigou?
         A. You are accustomed to using Chinese mainland products, services, or prefer on a particular brand of goods which cannot be purchased in Singapore, then you can entrust us to Daigou for you.
         B. Special materials, books (especially the Chinese version) or equipment. For example, Singapore universities or research institutions need to buy some very specialized books or software in China, there is no Singapore local channels to buy.
         C. Cutting-edge fashion: popular in mainland China, modern fashion clothing pop music, and star posters etc.
         D.  Price advantage: Because of low labor rate and production costs in China mainland, so most of China goods are cheaper than Singapore's local goods, therefore CN2SG builds up a unique shopping patterns to save money for you!
         E. Entrust CN2SG to buy auctions on the Chinese mainland auction sites such as Taobao, Tmall etc. famous auction websites.

    • Which online merchants can I shop from?
      Currently we can buy from some websites from China, such as: Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon, mbaobao.com, Dangdang as long as the websites support a secured payment system like PayPal or Alipay. You can consult us for confirmation if you are not sure.
    • Transship

    • What is Ship For Me service?
      Upon registration, you will have a unique overseas address for "Ship for Me" service. You would contact, pay and get the seller to ship the items to our warehouse. We would then receive your parcel, hold, consolidate and ship them to Singapore for you.
    • How to use Ship For Me service?
      For each customer, CN2SG will assign you a unique overseas address to send your goods to. After you buy and get the seller to ship the goods over, you will get a courier tracking no. from the seller. Under your CN2SG’s account, submit a new order with this tracking no., we will then update you when we receive the goods. Before shipping out all your goods, you need to declare the value of goods, choose the international shipping method and delivery method and make the payment.
    • What are the shipping charges?
      Economy Air S$ 1.99 3 - 5
        Sensitive Air S$ 4.99 4 - 6
      Sea / Sensitive Sea S$1.50 (0-30kg) 8-14
      S$1.30 (30.01-60kg)
      S$1.00 (60.01-100kg)
      S$0.90 (100.01kg Above)