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    • How to create the order?

      Step One,Select goods

      You can choose your favorite products from our website "Shopping Mall" section.

      Select the goods you want to buy,  all goods in the Shopping Mall are from Taobao, Tmall, you can purchase without any hassle



      1,To distinguish goods with color and size, please be sure to specify the information in the remarks, so as to be easier to deal with your order directly.

      2,For goods may be replaced, please be sure to confirm with merchants what are the replacement requirement before putting an order. 

      3,We will contact with you if your goods are overweight without paying adequate postage fee, and will advise you to re-confirm the order. It is recommended that you pay attention to your latest order status.

      4,For virtual products, we are temporarily unable to help you with your order, please understand.


      Step Two, Enter into my shopping cart

      Enter the "Shopping Cart",You can see the goods order just submitted. Click on the "To save order", we will immediately purchase for you after the payment is successful . If your account balance is less than required minimum RMB, the system prompts you to recharge.


      Step Three,Select mode of transport


      Step Four,Select Payment Method  

      Step Five,Submit Order

      Once all the above steps are confirmed, click "Submit waybill" to fill in the waybill information, please ensure the correctness of the information note, so that we can contact you promptly.

    • When can you help me after the waybill is submitted successfully?

      Waybill processing time:

      Package submitted before the daily delivery time, we will send to the post office in the same day

      The remaining time to submit the package will be sent on the next day (the post office is not open on Sunday, and the statutory holidays), specifically to the actual situation.

    • How do I get points?
      Points can be obtained through the new user registration, invite friends, send an application, or participate in new activities through designated. Invite a friend to gain points only supports manual review, please contact us, provide the username of your friends.
    • Estimated weight and the actual weight

      First introduced the feature of this feature, the difference between the cost of parcel freight return, real benefits to the user, not many users a penny.

      What is the estimated weight?

      The goods will be packed into a pre estimated weight, because the product itself has a packaging, packaging, there will be a carton packaging, if you need to remove the packaging, the weight is not the same, you buy the goods arrived in the new warehouse, we will be pre weighed, that is, the estimated weight.

      What is the actual weight?

      After you submit the package to the actual weight of the package once, we will be on your package (the weight of goods and packing weight) two times, that is, the actual weight. The actual weight of the package after the 3 days of work can click on the package details.

      If the actual weight is lighter than the estimated weight and the difference, the package will be returned to your personal cash account after you confirm the receipt.

      What is the volume weight?

      Volume weight is a method of calculating the weight of light weight in the transportation industry. The volume weight is the weight of the goods, which can be obtained by using the conversion formula.

      In the new special line, green, TOLL Australia line:

      Volume weight calculation formula = length cm x cm x high cm/5000

      Warm tip: international freight is according to the weight and volume of the commodity of billing. When the size and the weight of the package is greater than the actual weight will be in accordance with the size of the weight of the billing, if your package according to the weight of the volume calculation of freight, in the new will according to when the prediction weight charges are the difference will not be returned, if need to fill freight by in the new bear, you do not need to pay the freight volume and weight, logistics company marked on the package weight or by actual weight to fill in, just in charge according to the weight of the volume calculation.
    • Transport package repositories have been sent but have not yet submitted your order, how to remedy the situation?

      Parcel transport if the goods sent to our warehouse in advance but not in our site submit orders, we will first sign to anomalous pieces preserved more than 60 days will be destroyed), until you submit your order and fill in the information of logistics (shipping express odd numbers), we can help you find the corresponding parcel storage, put in storage after you can in my warehouse view to the goods.

      Warm advice: next parcel transport of goods please according to the flow of the right first on our website to submit orders and stay through the audit to send to our also complement logistics information to order, lest the arrival of the goods after failed to timely inspection warehousing and could not be sent overseas, please understand!
    • Can modify or cancel the order?

      It depends on the status of your order. Before the order is processed, you can click on the Edit button to modify or cancel the order. You can choose to add a new note or cover the original notes to make an order modification, or in the notes to write down the order to inform us. However, once the order has been processed, you can't see the Edit button, and you can't change and cancel the order.

    • Bulk Stock
      bulk stock typically includes, but is not limited to the following categories of goods:
      1,Speaker / HIFI
      2, Kitchen Appliances (oven / Water purifier / coffee maker, etc.)
      3, Other appliances (refrigerator / washer / dryer / air conditioner / TV / oven, etc.)
      4, musical instruments
      5, computer and accessories (Desktop PC / laptop / printer / fax / Combo / liquid crystal displays, etc.)
      6, bedding (sheets / cover / quilt / pillows, etc.)
      7, home decoration (furniture, etc.)
      8, fitness equipment

      9, outdoor camping supplies


      International shipping is based on weight and volume of goods carried billing, before buying such goods we recommend that you contact our customer service staff for detailed delivery method and costs, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    • How long it takes shipped after I bought the store merchandise?
      After you pay for success Mall orders, we will immediately contact the seller to make a purchase for you and mail it to pass in CN2SG warehouse (your order status will change to "has come to China warehouse"), estimated time of 3-7 days, and then send to your country.
    • Can I add new orders?
      Yes, you can add in new orders anytime. However in order to ship all orders together in one parcel, please understand the shipping rules and how to use the "hold" function. You can refer to FAQ shipping related issues.
    • Can I get seller's promotion or discount price?
      You can enjoy all promotion price or conditional offers (eg. free local courier with a minimum spending amount), sometimes our crawl function cannot capture such special price, but you can manually edit the price if you fulfill the condition and write in the remark accordingly.
    • Can I bargain with the seller if I purchase in bulk?
      Yes, you can negotiate with the seller and agree on a discounted price. When you submit orders to us, please state the agreed price and the name or number you used to communicate with the seller so that she or he will know we are purchasing on behalf of you.
    • Can I buy from websites other from taobao?
      Yes, currently we can buy from some websites from China, such as: Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, excellence, wheat bags, Dangdang as long as the websites support a secured payment system like PayPal or Alipay. You can consult us for confirmation if you are not sure.
    • Can I buy food, liquid or medicine?
      We can ship small amount of air-tight food (no meat) or liquid via special air or sea shipment. We can't ship any form of medicine. You can check out other prohibited.
    • Do I need to pay GST?

      For Ship-For-Me service: 7% GST will be shown and collected when submitting a parcel to ship if the parcel's total amount of declared value, shipping fee and insurance is more than S$400.


      For Buy-For-Me service: 7% GST will be shown and collected in shopping cart if an individual order value is more than S$400.
    • Can I get seller's promotion or discount price?
      You can enjoy all promotion price or conditional offers (eg. free local courier with a minimum spending amount), sometimes our EZ-buy function cannot capture such special price, but you can manually edit the price if you fulfill the condition and write in the remark accordingly.
    • What are the value-added services and charges?

      Take photo: if you want to make sure that the seller sends the correct items before shipping them all the way to Singapore, you can choose this value added service. When we receive your parcel, we will take out the items and take minimum 3 photos from different angles for you to view. The charge is $3 per parcel sent from sellers.


      Videos: If you need the inspection process for the commodity record 30 seconds of video paragraph 2, in order to ensure that goods are correct, each order rate $6.

      Repackage: If you need reinforcement merchandise, you can choose to re-packaging, bags every $3, playing wooden price for $40.

      Return & exchange:  if the parcel we receive contains prohibited items cannot be shipping, or you change your mind, we can help you return the parcel back to the seller. The charge is $1 per parcel on top of the courier fee.

    • How do I submit an order for those with no tracking number/courier company?

      1, If you choose to send the goods to pass the new warehouse, courier companies and courier service number may not be filled up, just submit orders directly.

      2, As long as the unique address is entered correctly, we should be able to locate the parcel for you if they are delivered correctly. However, inspection may take a little longer as we would need some time to match your order to your account.

    • Value declaration
      Value is the cost of your product in SGD. It is your declared value and is important that this is filled up for GST or insurance compensation purpose.
    • How to get an e-coupons?
      E-coupons can obtained through our activities.