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    • Why do I need to register before shipping?

      Customers can get discounts after they register as our members. It will speed up the shipping procedures by providing us the delivery address and contact person’s information.

    • What is the warehouse repacking fee?

      If our warehouse finds that there are damages of your boxes, we will change a new box and notify this. Each box will cost SGD 3. Fragile goods need to be packed by wood box. Cost of wood box depends on the dimensions between SGD 8-18. Each woven bag costs SGD 2.

    • Payment Related

    • WeChat recharge
      WeChat payment is made by the Tencent Inc's mobile social communication software WeChat and the three party payment platform for mobile payment products, WeChat payment and security system by Tencent Choi paid through support. Money paid through the Internet to pay a license and have a comprehensive security system of the third party payment platform.

      You only need to bind your bank card in the micro letter, and complete the identity authentication, then you can recharge, pay only when you enter the password on your phone, you can complete the recharge.

      WeChat pay to support the bank's debit card and credit card: China Merchants Bank, construction bank, China Everbright Bank, China CITIC Bank, agricultural bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Ping An Bank, Societe Generale Bank, Minsheng bank. In addition, the credit WeChat payment card issuing bank also supports the following: Shenzhen Development Bank, Bank of Ningbo.
      1, login account, click "my account" --- "top up", select "WeChat", enter the amount you want to recharge, click on the "immediate charge" button
      2, the system will automatically jump to the WeChat recharge page, please open your mobile app micro letter "sweep", page scan two-dimensional code and in the mobile terminal input password can complete the payment.
      3, after the success of recharge, click on the "my account" to view the available balance, or choose "transaction records" to view the situation; recharge time to 60 minutes.
    • Alipay recharge
      Alipay recharge
      Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading independent third party payment platform, Alibaba Group's Associate Company. Alipay is committed to providing a simple, safe, fast online payment solution for the Chinese e-commerce,
      PayPal has been with more than 160 domestic and foreign banks and VISA, MasterCard international organizations and other institutions to establish a thorough strategic partnership, as a financial institution in the field of electronic payment is the most trusted partner, Alipay payment, real-time arrival.
      1, Click on the "my account" page, select "immediately recharge"
      2, Choose to pay treasure recharge, enter the amount you want to recharge, click on the immediate recharge"
      3, The system will automatically jump to the PayPal page, please enter your PayPal account, password and verification code, click on Alipay account payment"
    • Paypal how to pay recharge

      Paypal supports 4 international cards (Master, American, Express VISA, Card JCB) and some national bank cards in the world.

      No matter what currency account you use, Paypal recharge are converted to US dollars, Paypal recharge, there may be 1-60 minutes to the delay.

      According to the latest exchange rate announced by the Bank of China, we will be based on the exchange rate of the Chinese bank's exchange rate is not a real-time adjustment.

      The current use of Paypal charge fee is 3.9% + $0.50 SGD.

      1, login account, click on my account - "top up", select "Paypal".

      2, enter the amount you want to recharge, click "Go to recharge".

      3, the system will automatically jump to the top of the Paypal page.

    • How to register on paypal?

      1 enter www.PayPal.com/, please register

      2 according to the personal language used to choose the language of the page display.

      3 select account type
      To create an account type, click on the corresponding type to start immediately".
      4 account information page
      4.1 person, senior account
      Enter the account registration page, begin to fill in the relevant information.
      Account login information

      Email address: please provide a personal email as PayPal login user name
      Password: please set a password for your PayPal account. To account for the security, PayPal recommends that you use the combination of English, digital and special characters to set the password.
      Account holder's personal information

    • After the recharge, how long will it take before arrival?
      If you choose to pay Paypal, most are real-time to the account (Paypal electronic checks, except for the Paypal risk of freezing, in order to end the actual processing cycle prevail), PayPal international card requires the bank's 24 hours audit.
    • About the time of the prepaid money back
      Recharge mode refund processing time
      Under normal circumstances Paypal 7-12 working days (including website processing time) will return Paypal account
      Under normal circumstances, the Paypal bank card (7-12) will be returned to the bank card (including the site processing time).
      PayPal normal circumstances 7-12 working days (including the site processing time) will be returned to PayPal account
      Money paid through international card
      Under normal circumstances, the 7-12 working days (including site processing time) will be returned to the international card
      Under normal circumstances, the 7-12 working days (including site processing time) will be returned to the micro channel account or bank card account
    • What is the exchange rate?
      The exchange is floating, it changes from time to time. Current effective exchange rate is
      1 SGD = 4.40 CNY
    • What is transaction number?
      Transaction number is the transaction reference number provided by bank after you complete a transaction. For ATM transfer or deposit, it's a 3 or 4 digit number shown on the receipt. For i-banking, it's a 6 to 16 digit number depending on the bank you use. It's shown on the webpage informing you that the transaction is successful, so please copy it down before closing the page.
    • How to check if my Top Up is successful?

      Under "Member Center",you can view your account.Top up will be handled Within 1 working da. If your top up is not successful within 1 working days,please contact us.

    • Can I know the overall cost before placing orders?

      1st Payment (product payment) can be viewed when checking out orders. 2nd payment (international shipping fee & agent fee) cannot be confirmed before placing order, because the international shipping fee depends on the actual weight/volumetric weight of your items, which we don't know until the orders are received. However, if you can estimate the weight/volumetric weight, you can do estimation by yourself by using our Cost Calculator.

    • Do I need to pay GST for my parcels?

      GST(Goods and Services Tax).


      Regardless "Buy for me" or “Ship for Me".


      For Sea shipment and Economy Sea shipment, customers are required to pay the corresponding 7% GST incurred for all orders by yourself.


      For Air freight, we will absorb the GST incurred for your orders normally.


      However for high value parcels (total value including Product Price + China Express + International Freight of all parcels submitted under single collection /delivery is $400 or more),  you are required to pay the corresponding 7% GST of that particular parcels by yourself.

    • Payment Methods

      OCBC Account Number:553752650001
      DBS Account: 245-20276-8


      Paypal recharge supports four international credit cards(visa, master, American Express, and JCB card) ; no matter which currency you use, PayPal payment is calculated in USD and its recharge service charge is 4.4%+$0.3.

      Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is China leading independent third party payment platform, it is an Alibaba group Associate Company. Alipay is committed to providing "safe, rapid, simple online" payment solutions for global e-commerce;!

      WeChat Payment is provided by Tencent, it is the third party payment platform, WeChat payment and security system are supported by Tencent, which holds the Internet payment license and has a complete security system.

    • Why sometimes recharge was successful, but the account balance does not update?
      Recharge successfully, but the account balance does not update, please contact us.
    • Orders Related

    • How to create the order?

      Step One,Select goods

      You can choose your favorite products from our website "Shopping Mall" section.

      Select the goods you want to buy,  all goods in the Shopping Mall are from Taobao, Tmall, you can purchase without any hassle



      1,To distinguish goods with color and size, please be sure to specify the information in the remarks, so as to be easier to deal with your order directly.

      2,For goods may be replaced, please be sure to confirm with merchants what are the replacement requirement before putting an order. 

      3,We will contact with you if your goods are overweight without paying adequate postage fee, and will advise you to re-confirm the order. It is recommended that you pay attention to your latest order status.

      4,For virtual products, we are temporarily unable to help you with your order, please understand.


      Step Two, Enter into my shopping cart

      Enter the "Shopping Cart",You can see the goods order just submitted. Click on the "To save order", we will immediately purchase for you after the payment is successful . If your account balance is less than required minimum RMB, the system prompts you to recharge.


      Step Three,Select mode of transport


      Step Four,Select Payment Method  

      Step Five,Submit Order

      Once all the above steps are confirmed, click "Submit waybill" to fill in the waybill information, please ensure the correctness of the information note, so that we can contact you promptly.

    • When can you help me after the waybill is submitted successfully?

      Waybill processing time:

      Package submitted before the daily delivery time, we will send to the post office in the same day

      The remaining time to submit the package will be sent on the next day (the post office is not open on Sunday, and the statutory holidays), specifically to the actual situation.

    • How do I get points?
      Points can be obtained through the new user registration, invite friends, send an application, or participate in new activities through designated. Invite a friend to gain points only supports manual review, please contact us, provide the username of your friends.
    • Estimated weight and the actual weight

      First introduced the feature of this feature, the difference between the cost of parcel freight return, real benefits to the user, not many users a penny.

      What is the estimated weight?

      The goods will be packed into a pre estimated weight, because the product itself has a packaging, packaging, there will be a carton packaging, if you need to remove the packaging, the weight is not the same, you buy the goods arrived in the new warehouse, we will be pre weighed, that is, the estimated weight.

      What is the actual weight?

      After you submit the package to the actual weight of the package once, we will be on your package (the weight of goods and packing weight) two times, that is, the actual weight. The actual weight of the package after the 3 days of work can click on the package details.

      If the actual weight is lighter than the estimated weight and the difference, the package will be returned to your personal cash account after you confirm the receipt.

      What is the volume weight?

      Volume weight is a method of calculating the weight of light weight in the transportation industry. The volume weight is the weight of the goods, which can be obtained by using the conversion formula.

      In the new special line, green, TOLL Australia line:

      Volume weight calculation formula = length cm x cm x high cm/5000

      Warm tip: international freight is according to the weight and volume of the commodity of billing. When the size and the weight of the package is greater than the actual weight will be in accordance with the size of the weight of the billing, if your package according to the weight of the volume calculation of freight, in the new will according to when the prediction weight charges are the difference will not be returned, if need to fill freight by in the new bear, you do not need to pay the freight volume and weight, logistics company marked on the package weight or by actual weight to fill in, just in charge according to the weight of the volume calculation.
    • Transport package repositories have been sent but have not yet submitted your order, how to remedy the situation?

      Parcel transport if the goods sent to our warehouse in advance but not in our site submit orders, we will first sign to anomalous pieces preserved more than 60 days will be destroyed), until you submit your order and fill in the information of logistics (shipping express odd numbers), we can help you find the corresponding parcel storage, put in storage after you can in my warehouse view to the goods.

      Warm advice: next parcel transport of goods please according to the flow of the right first on our website to submit orders and stay through the audit to send to our also complement logistics information to order, lest the arrival of the goods after failed to timely inspection warehousing and could not be sent overseas, please understand!
    • Can modify or cancel the order?

      It depends on the status of your order. Before the order is processed, you can click on the Edit button to modify or cancel the order. You can choose to add a new note or cover the original notes to make an order modification, or in the notes to write down the order to inform us. However, once the order has been processed, you can't see the Edit button, and you can't change and cancel the order.

    • Bulk Stock
      bulk stock typically includes, but is not limited to the following categories of goods:
      1,Speaker / HIFI
      2, Kitchen Appliances (oven / Water purifier / coffee maker, etc.)
      3, Other appliances (refrigerator / washer / dryer / air conditioner / TV / oven, etc.)
      4, musical instruments
      5, computer and accessories (Desktop PC / laptop / printer / fax / Combo / liquid crystal displays, etc.)
      6, bedding (sheets / cover / quilt / pillows, etc.)
      7, home decoration (furniture, etc.)
      8, fitness equipment

      9, outdoor camping supplies


      International shipping is based on weight and volume of goods carried billing, before buying such goods we recommend that you contact our customer service staff for detailed delivery method and costs, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    • How long it takes shipped after I bought the store merchandise?
      After you pay for success Mall orders, we will immediately contact the seller to make a purchase for you and mail it to pass in CN2SG warehouse (your order status will change to "has come to China warehouse"), estimated time of 3-7 days, and then send to your country.
    • Can I add new orders?
      Yes, you can add in new orders anytime. However in order to ship all orders together in one parcel, please understand the shipping rules and how to use the "hold" function. You can refer to FAQ shipping related issues.
    • Can I get seller's promotion or discount price?
      You can enjoy all promotion price or conditional offers (eg. free local courier with a minimum spending amount), sometimes our crawl function cannot capture such special price, but you can manually edit the price if you fulfill the condition and write in the remark accordingly.
    • Can I bargain with the seller if I purchase in bulk?
      Yes, you can negotiate with the seller and agree on a discounted price. When you submit orders to us, please state the agreed price and the name or number you used to communicate with the seller so that she or he will know we are purchasing on behalf of you.
    • Can I buy from websites other from taobao?
      Yes, currently we can buy from some websites from China, such as: Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, excellence, wheat bags, Dangdang as long as the websites support a secured payment system like PayPal or Alipay. You can consult us for confirmation if you are not sure.
    • Can I buy food, liquid or medicine?
      We can ship small amount of air-tight food (no meat) or liquid via special air or sea shipment. We can't ship any form of medicine. You can check out other prohibited.
    • Do I need to pay GST?

      For Ship-For-Me service: 7% GST will be shown and collected when submitting a parcel to ship if the parcel's total amount of declared value, shipping fee and insurance is more than S$400.


      For Buy-For-Me service: 7% GST will be shown and collected in shopping cart if an individual order value is more than S$400.
    • Can I get seller's promotion or discount price?
      You can enjoy all promotion price or conditional offers (eg. free local courier with a minimum spending amount), sometimes our EZ-buy function cannot capture such special price, but you can manually edit the price if you fulfill the condition and write in the remark accordingly.
    • What are the value-added services and charges?

      Take photo: if you want to make sure that the seller sends the correct items before shipping them all the way to Singapore, you can choose this value added service. When we receive your parcel, we will take out the items and take minimum 3 photos from different angles for you to view. The charge is $3 per parcel sent from sellers.


      Videos: If you need the inspection process for the commodity record 30 seconds of video paragraph 2, in order to ensure that goods are correct, each order rate $6.

      Repackage: If you need reinforcement merchandise, you can choose to re-packaging, bags every $3, playing wooden price for $40.

      Return & exchange:  if the parcel we receive contains prohibited items cannot be shipping, or you change your mind, we can help you return the parcel back to the seller. The charge is $1 per parcel on top of the courier fee.

    • How do I submit an order for those with no tracking number/courier company?

      1, If you choose to send the goods to pass the new warehouse, courier companies and courier service number may not be filled up, just submit orders directly.

      2, As long as the unique address is entered correctly, we should be able to locate the parcel for you if they are delivered correctly. However, inspection may take a little longer as we would need some time to match your order to your account.

    • Value declaration
      Value is the cost of your product in SGD. It is your declared value and is important that this is filled up for GST or insurance compensation purpose.
    • How to get an e-coupons?
      E-coupons can obtained through our activities.
    • Transportation & Costs

    • What do you mean about domestic customs back pack?
      Limited by the special nature of the international transport, part of the package in the delivery of the customs, the customs will not be eligible, the customs information, generally you do not have to worry, after the package return, we will be free to re send.
    • Package delivery notes
      Package return package
      If your package due to the domestic security is not qualified to be back, we will contact you again to confirm, free of charge for you

      If your package has been sent abroad, because of the "international security failed", "no sign", "address unknown", "not hurl" be returned, to send freight you borne.

      Confiscation of goods
      We will review the material of commodity categories, but not for goods do the identification of genuine and imitation brand related to intellectual property, all foreign brands, brand imitation, a cargo such as commodity we couldn't help you to purchase, also not be in charge of overseas customs clearance, if your goods by the Customs decision for brand imitation, fake, sensitive items and caused the package confiscated, you themselves.

      Another: the delivery of such goods in the international, please choose the means of transport.

      Notes for attention
        A, in the sign before the inspection of the goods outside the package is intact, whether the box seal is intact, whether the weight is significantly different.
        B, regardless of whether it is found that the packaging has been significantly damaged or torn off the traces of the front are to be in front of the courier inspection, and make a note to sign.
        C, found the goods damaged, lost and so on, please prepare the goods invoices, real photos and other information, inform our customer service staff to arrange follow-up compensation.
        D, the normal sign of the goods marked the end of the whole process of delivery, the normal receipt of goods after the goods, I will not assume responsibility.

        E, after the receipt of the package, if there is any problem, please sign within 72 hours back to the customer service, and no longer accept.

      Exemption clause
        A, fragile goods, wearing products, regardless of whether the choice to strengthen the packaging, are only involved in the loss of the claim, not involved in damage claims.
        B, dangerous goods and contraband not to participate in the claim (case: compressed gas, liquefied gas, flammable liquid, acid and alkali corrosion products and other countries Jin Yunpin).
        C, the loss or expense of the natural loss of the goods, the intrinsic defect, the characteristic and the market price of the goods.
        D, goods in transit due to bad weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake, floods and other natural disasters, natural disasters caused by the loss of all or part of the.
    • After the parcel issue, how to query the logistics information?
      After the package is sent, you can log in to my account - I see the package in the logistics track, you can also check in the express network
      Warm tip: international logistics involved in the multi transfer, the logistics information on the update will have a certain lag, there will be a delay in the update of the situation (air packet is more prominent)
    • Volumetric weight

      The cost of transporting a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight.


        For international shipping practice, the volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the item – the higher weight is used to calculate shipping cost. The formula to calculate volumetric weight is:


         orders: volumetric weight (kg) = length x height x width (cm)/ 5,000.


        Please note that normally the weight indicated on seller’s webpage is the actual weight. You need to pay special attention to the dimensions of bulky items like soft or plastic toys, diapers, pillows, chairs, crystal lights, bicycles, etc. Sometimes the shipping cost can be even higher than the value of the product itself. It is advised to check the dimension with sellers directly or seek for our help.

    • Chargeable weight

      The weight or volumetric weight you see for each order is weighed or measured at their minimum individual package. When you submit to ship out, all the individual orders will be consolidated into one single parcel. There will be extra weight incurred by the packaging material or extra space occupied due to the small gaps between items, and the standardized packaging to meet the shipment requirements.
      As demonstrated below, normally the final chargeable weight is around 1.1 times the sum of each item’s actual weight or volumetric weight.

    • Waiting time for each freight method

      Note:The shipping durations quoted above are norms. Above 95% of our shipments meet these durations. Unforeseeable factors such as China domestic shipping delay, bad weather, customs clearance delays and customs inspections that can cause delays are beyond the control of CN2SG and its shipping partners. During peak festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year or China national day period, the shipment duration could be slightly longer.

    • Will the parcel arrive before or after ETA?
      Yes, it's possible. The ETA date is an estimation, 95% of parcels will arrive on or before ETA date. However, it could also arrive after ETA date when uncontrollable situations like custom inspection, clearance delay, or bad weather happen.
    • Can I cancel my parcel?
      No, once the parcel is generated to ship, we can't cancel it for you any more. It could have already been packed and handled to logistic company even the status has not been updated yet.
    • How can I consolidate my orders?

      We will do the consolidation for you to save your international shipping fee. Please take note, only orders from the same warehouse (Guangzhou, Yiwu and Singapore) and same shipment method can be consolidated together. 

    • Can I consolidate my order from different warehouses?
      No, only orders from the same warehouse can be consolidated together.
    • Why is my item heavier than it weighs?
      The item may have a larger volumetric weight.
    • What is volumetric weight and chargeable weight?
      Volumetric weight is calculated based on the space it occupies. Chargeable weight is the parcel's final weight when it's shipped. Please refer to quick guide related sessions for more details.
    • Can I ship over-sized items?
      Yes, but over-length fee will be incurred if the length of item exceeds 1.2 meters for air shipment or 3.4 meters for sea shipment. The actual charge depends on the product type and length, will be advised before shipping out.
    • Can I ship fragile items?
      Yes, we do ship some of the fragile items but not all of them. Certain items are very difficult to be protected well, like big mirrors, extremely delicate carvings, etc. They have a high chance to get damaged during international shipping. We can try our best to help you protect and ship, but we will not compensate if it's still damaged.
    • What is the maximum size and weight of a package to be shipped?
      Following are the guidelines to ship oversized item:
      Express Air Shipping: maximum length is 1.60m, RMB200 will be charged for item between 1.20m and 1.60m.
      Economy Air Shipping: maximum length is 1.80m and the total sum of length, width & height cannot exceed 2.40m.
      Sea Shipping: maximum length is 4.00m. For items longer than 2.50m we can only deliver to ground floor or lift accessile floor, provided it can be fitted into your lift.

      The maximum weight for a single item is 70kg for air shipment, no limit for sea shipment.
    • Can Ship For Me and Buy For Me parcels be consolidated together?
      "Ship For Me" and "Buy For Me" parcels are handled separately in different warehouses, hence they are unable to be consolidated together.
    • Are there any tips to reduce the shipping fee?
      You may advise the merchant to ensure proper packaging and pack your purchase into a smallest possible box.
      You may also consolidate your shipping charges by waiting for all items to arrive before shipping them out. This way, when you ship all items out as one parcel, you would only pay the initial 500g charge once.
    • Declaration documents

      For those companies which need to claim back GST from customs, they need import documentation. For those companies who operate sensitive goods, or those companies whose goods value is very low need import documentation. The documentation fee is $40. Some special permit, the cost is $80-120.

    • Customs inspection
      Different countries have different laws and legislations. Customs have the power to inspect the goods. Some goods may touch the customs’ restricted policies. These goods may incur special charges, taxes, penalties and confiscation.
    • Why do I need to book the volume and weight in advance?
      This is to make sure customers’ goods can catch the right schedule and can arrive on time.
    • How to book the volume and weight in advance?

      Customers can book online, by Wechat, by Email or by phone for the services in Guangzhou, Yiwu and Shenzhen.

    • Why we make booking in advance, but still cannot ship the goods?

      If the goods are delivered to our warehouse too late and the container is already full. Or if the air freight good is too heavy, the airport has the right to unload the goods. Or the goods will be unloaded during the flight transfer.

    • Why do I need to strengthen the packaging for squashy, irreversible and fragile goods and put on relevant notice mark? Why do I need to mention this in the packing list and invoice?

      Any goods without special marking will be treated as normal goods, which may cause damages.

    • need to provide the correct packing list and invoice to the staff when the goods are delivered to the warehouse?

      Warehouse may reject to receive the goods if without the correct packing list and invoice. Because we cannot do clearance and declaration without the packing list and invoice. Making declaration wrongfully may cause delay and penalty.

    • Why do I need to be responsible by myself if the goods have problems and cause any legal issues and penalties?
      Because the ownership of goods is belonging to the customers. If the goods break any country’s laws and legislation, the owner should be responsible for the legal issues.
    • What are sensitive goods? Why additional costs will incur when export from China for sensitive goods? Why do I need to provide my UEN when declaring goods at the destination port?

      Different countries have different definition of sensitive goods. Sensitive goods are different for sea freight and air freight. Cases will be based on detailed information we obtained. Some goods will touch customs’ restriction policies, eg different inspection system, which will incur more procedures. These goods require special operating licence in destination port.

    • If normal goods and sensitive goods are mixed together, why they will be treated as sensitive goods?

      No matter how many sensitive goods you have, customs will treat them as sensitive goods. If customers have sensitive goods and do not notify us in advance, and face the customs’ inspection, the whole container may be detained by customs and penalties may incur. Parking the container at the wharf will incur huge costs. The relevant costs will be charged from this customer because the inspection is caused by these sensitive goods.

    • Why the transportation company will not be responsible for the loss caused due to delay of sea freight and air freight?

      Every piece of cargo will have many process channels during the whole transportation procedure, e.g. customs, shipping company, wharf, flight, weather and etc. We cannot control all of these on delay.

    • Why there are restrictions on volume weight by air?

      It is the airline’s policy that for each single package, its weight cannot exceed 60 kg and its length cannot exceed 180cm.

    • Why bank notes, bill of lading, securities and passports cannot be shipped by air?

      Many small parcels will be shipped by air. Sometimes small parcels may get lost.

    • Why some goods cannot be shipped by air?

      There are safety issues of air freight. Magnetic items may cause deviation. Imitation brand, liquid, power, food, fresh items, medicines, flammable items, perishable items, DVDs, military items and other restricted items by IATA cannot be shipped.

    • Why some goods are confiscated by air or by sea, our company will still charge freight costs?

      Sometimes customers have not told us they ship restricted items, which cause confiscation later. Our company is not responsible for this and will charge freight costs.

    • Why our company will not provide any tax documents or other relevant documents if the customer does not choose to declare permit individually?
      Without no individual declaration, no tax documents will be provided using customers’ company name. For other relevant documents, they contain too much confidential information. It is not suitable to provide this information.
    • What customers need to declare permit individually? How much is the documentation fee?

      For those companies which need to claim back GST from customs, they need import documentation. For those companies who operate sensitive goods, or those companies whose goods value is very low need import documentation. The documentation fee is $40. Some special permit, the cost is $80-120. Our company will provide original permit documentation to facilitate the GST-claim-back procedures.

    • What if there are mistakes in the customs documentation?

      If there are mistakes on the documentation you provided to us, our declarant will confirm again before declaration. Please correct any mistakes within 1 hour using email. Then call our office to notify the mistakes. If mistakes are found after declaration, we will not be responsible for this.

    • What are the storage fees?

      Free storage for 3 days in Singapore warehouse. Further storage will charge SGD 4/cbm/day. Free storage for 7 days in China warehouse. Further storage will charge SGD 0.9 /cbm/day.

    • How to do declaration when FCL, LCL and transshipment goods arrive at Singapore?

      Customers should provide invoice, packing list, arrival notice to our company and push the shipper to telex release the goods to us. First time customer needs to provide the authorization letter to us.

    • Why we need to pay the amount once the declaration permits are done for full container?

      Our company will only arrange the trucking after we receive the payment. If customers do not pay on time, there may incur penalties in PSA.

    • What is the charging rate for parcel inspection and repacking?
      CNY 3 for each parcel. We provide services for opening, sorting and recording.
    • What are heavy goods? Why there are additional charges for heavy goods. What are the charging rates?

      Every CBM cannot exceed 350 kg, otherwise they will be treated as heavy goods. Forklifts should be used for heavy goods and heavy lorry should be used to deliver the goods. It takes more time to loading and unloading. The costs will be higher. Therefore we will charge additional costs.

    • What is the heavy goods charging standard?
      Forklift charge in China is SGD 13.4 per truck. For details, please contact China warehouse. Wood pallet will be added for heavy goods. Every wood pallet will be SGD 7.8. Volume for wood pallet is 0.15 cbm. Heavy goods may cause additional delivery charges in destination port, or we only deliver to first floor. For those goods more than 350 kg, we will add the relevant volume for them. For instance, 500kg/350kg=1.43 cbm. The shipment will be calculated based on the larger figure.
    • What is sharing volume for sea freight?

      Every side(L,W,H) shall add 1 cm each as sharing volume.

    • additional costs for sensitive goods
      SGD 44.7/cbm.
    • Storage & Inspection

    • Period of storage of goods

      At our China warehouse, we offer 30 days of free storage while waiting for your orders to arrive for consolidation. If your 1st order was arrived 30 days ago, all the orders arrived within the 30 days will have to be shipped out first. Your new orders can be then consolidated into another parcel within 30 days. For items held at warehouse for more than 3 months, it will be considered abandoned. CN2SG has the right to dispose it without further notice.

      At our Singapore warehouse, we offer 14 days of free storage upon your parcel arrives in Singapore. Uncollected parcel will be charged for S$1.00 per day for every 10kg. For parcel uncollected for more than 3 months, it will be considered abandoned. CN2SG has the right to dispose it without further notice.

    • Packaging Details
      First, what is the packaging?
      Product packaging is a protected commodity, convenient means of transportation technology. Common packaging bags, cartons, boxes and so on.
      When you choose to remove the package, we will to remove the product itself superfluous packaging. However, in order to prevent the commodity dropped or soiled merchandise, part of the packaging may not be removed. (Due to international transport was removed several times, removing the packaging may lead to commodity scratch wear broken, etc.)
      When you choose to keep the packaging, we will retain all the packaging of the product itself, but he has no packaged goods can not be reserved. (If the original packaging is damaged goods or for packaging sizes too large can not be packaged are removed)

      Package default retention packaging, you choose can not be guaranteed after removing the packaging All packaging will be canceled. Specific details of the package is based on the warehouse staff specific circumstances prevail.

      Second, what is the merchandise tag?

      Generally refers clothes tag, as shown: usually contain clothes origin, type, or price.

      Third, what is the packaging reinforcement?
      Packaging is a reinforcement to protect the goods from damage during transport or reduction of technical means. Usually with a filling to protect merchandise.
      When you select the packaging reinforcement, we will add a layer of bubble film to protect goods in the package, if there are special needs in the parcel remark indicated otherwise. (If the product itself contains a filler, may indicate whether the removal of the remarks in the package, the default retention filler)
      For the fragile easily damaged goods, recommended to choose the packaging reinforcement for protection.
      The default package without packaging reinforcement.
    • Why there are inspection step during CN2SG?
      For oversea on-line shopping, buyers are not secured with the product received even sellers provide exchange or refund channels. High international shipping cost and long processing time are the major concerns. With CN2SG, we carry on basic inspection to catch certain obvious mistakes made by the sellers when we receive the items in our local warehouse. Normally more than 90% of the mistakes under our inspection coverage can be caught and settled directly with the sellers. We save your loss at the origin.
    • What is the inspection coverage?


    • What are the differences between obvious defects and quality issues?
      Obvious defects are usually physical damages, which can be spotted by visual observation of product appearance, such as tear on cloth, broken glass, cut on handbag, crack on woods etc. Quality issues include a variety of different types which are not easy to be spotted by visual checking of product appearance, such as skipped stitch on the collar, petty scratch on metal, short life-time of bulb, slow reaction of tablet PC etc.
    • Do you inspect the measurement of the item?
      No, we do not inspect the measurement of the item. But we check the label on the items received against the size indicated in your order remark. (For example: S, M, L or XL). If there's no label on the items or the size is measured in a different way, we will assume it's correct.
    • How long does inspection usually take?
      Generally speaking, inspection should be done within 0.5-2 working days depends on the peak of the shopping seasons.
    • Do you check the functions of electronic device?
      No, functionality checks are not covered during inspection. Basic power on test could be done upon request.
    • Can you tell the branded items are real or fake?
      No, we are unable to check the authentication of the product. Product information can be obtained through product description on webpage. Other buyers'reviews can be used as reference. However, if price of the product is much lower than the market price, most likely the item is not authentic.
    • Can I check the product via photo before the item ship out from warehouse?
      Yes, you can request to check the product photo before the item ship out. For certain design differences which may be hard to found out during inspection, we can provide photos of received items upon request. If there are differences/blemishes found during the inspection, we will also attach the photos for customer to make decisions.
    • What is the repacking service? How does it work?
      Repacking is a value added service provided by CN2SG. As you may know, international shipping charges depend not only on the weight of the packages but on their sizes as well. When items sent from seller arrived with over package, repacking removes the unnecessary packing and re-arranged the orientations of the items. It will significantly reduce the chargeable weight to save the cost of international shipping. Also repacking ameliorate the original packaging when item came poorly packed by original seller. It will prevent damage due to improper packaging during international shipping.
    • Can you help to optimized the size of big parcel, such as putting small items into the empty luggage?
      Yes, we can. If your parcel include both small size items and big size items, we will repack small items into large size ones such as luggage, as long as there is room for storage.
    • Why my parcel weight did not reduce after the repacking step?
      The repacking service will reduce the weight/volumetric weight of the items over packaged. If there is no room for further optimization, parcel weight/volumetric weight will not be reduced.
    • Is there any package cannot be removed during repacking?
      Yes, there is. Original packaging of the products for decorations or collections will not be removed. Protective packaging for fragile items will be kept. For example, the packaging of certain toys, jewelries, high heels, glasses etc.
    • Can I request to add extra package to protect the original package during repacking for my goods?
      Yes, you can. If protection is needed for goods like gifts or re-sale items, extra protection can be requested by leaving us special instruction when you place the order. For large size fragile items, we will advise customers to make protections when items received in our local warehouse.
    • Repacking Service
      CN2SG provides repackaging services. After re-packaging of goods, freight would be able to save about 20-30%. This re-packaging services is a value-added service purchasing. Self-purchase of goods, if the weight can be reduced by less than 2KG, repackaging service is free. If the weight reduction of more than 2kg (save shipping more than S$18), charged repackaging fee of S$8.
      Only suitable for repacking and therefore can reduce the volume of re-orders provide repackaging services. If you agree that we repackage, we will change or keep the goods and the seller's original packaging discarded transport packaging under normal circumstances. We do not provide repackaging services for the following order.
       1. The use of sealed or shrink film packaging;
       2. The use of gift packing or with the design of the packaging;
       3. Fragile or valuable goods packaging. If you want to keep the business of transport packaging, please choose option I do not repackaged.
    • What will happen if my parcel contains some prohibited items like perfume?
      All parcels may be checked or scanned for prohibited items. If the goods are found to be prohibited items, we are unable to ship them. You can negotiate with the seller for a return or send them to another address. Handling fee is applicable.
      So it’s advised to check the list of prohibited items to prevent unnecessary loss or inconvenience. It is customer's responsibility to ensure that the parcels do not contain any prohibited items. We are not responsible or liable for any loss due to confiscation of such parcels or legal consequences.
    • What are the storage rent?
      Free storage for 14 days in Singapore warehouse. Further storage will charge SGD 4/cbm/day. Free storage for 30 days in China warehouse. Further storage will charge CNY 4 /cbm/day.
    • Do you do inspection for Ship For Me parcels?
      We will not check the quantity, size, or damage of the items. If you need to make sure all are correct before shipping them to Singapore, you can choose "take photo" value added service. You can choose "Buy For Me" service for a comprehensive coverage.
    • Why there are penalties for returning containers?

      If the container was not be cleaned up or the container is damaged or has strange smell, it will incur penalty. Sometimes it is the shipping line’s surcharges.

    • Insurance & Compensation

    • Insurance and compensation package
      (a) compensation rules
      If your package, appeared to be missing, you commit to buy the insured parcel, we will according to your insured amount given the appropriate amount of compensation.
      Purchase, international transport packages:
      Transportation insurance:
      The parcel is lost, customs confiscated, parcel damage in the transportation process, get 100% compensation
      (payment criteria: international freight, commodity, service charge)
      Note: the international transfer package, the maximum payment of international freight
      Tariff protection:
      When a customs duty is imposed, the 100% is paid for the insurance.
      Supporting countries: the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan
      (payment criteria: total tariff)
      (two) Disclaimer
          1, due to force majeure (excluding mail);
          2, delivery of goods prohibited or restricted in violation of regulations, the competent authorities confiscated or in accordance with the relevant regulations of processing;
          3, deliver mail packages intact when removed and the weight reduced and no traces, the parts shortage or damage;
          4, mail has been signed;
          5, due to the customer's responsibility or the cause of the item itself, causing the loss or delay of the mail;
          6, the date of the customer self - mail sent to the date of the query has not been asked for the expiration of the query;
          7, international mail is sent to the country by its domestic law to detain, seize or destroy.

      (three) prohibition of goods

      Items prohibited from posting messages
          1, the national laws and regulations prohibit the circulation or delivery of goods;
          2, explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic and other dangerous goods;
          3, reactionary newspapers, books, windows or pornographic materials;
          4, all kinds of money;
          5, the obstruction of public health items;
          6, perishable items;
          7, live animal (except to ensure the safety of packaging and delivery staff of bees, silkworms, leech);
          8, improper packing, may endanger the personal safety, pollution or damage to other items of mail equipment;

          9. Other items that are not suitable for the delivery conditions.


      Post practice is prohibited from posting
          1, the nature of goods or their packaging has hurt the postal service personnel or defaced mail or postal equipment;
          2, sealing with metal buttons, etc. have sharp edges, may prejudice mail processing items;
          Three, all kinds of guns, ammunition and easy explosion goods, flammable items, corrosive goods, radioactive elements and containers, deadly poisons, anesthesia drugs, biological products and infectious materials.
          4, all kinds of social security and stability of the stability of the publications, publicity materials, printing, etc.;
          5, all kinds of public health items;
          6, the other party to prohibit the entry or circulation of documents or articles;
          7, in addition to the general provisions of the above, but also to comply with the relevant provisions of the customs department.

      Taiwan area postal regulations prohibit delivery
          1, the nature of goods or their packaging has hurt the postal service personnel or defaced mail or postal equipment;
          2, sealing with metal buttons, etc. have sharp edges, may prejudice mail processing items;
          3, flammable, explosive or other dangerous goods. However, the special method for the filing of a special method to package the easy and bad biological materials, the relevant competent authorities issued a transport document, not subject to this restriction;
          4, live animals. But the bee, silkworm, leech, the filing agencies send each parasite to eliminate pests or insects not affected by this restriction;
          5, radioactive goods;
          6, opium, morphine and other narcotic items. But by relevant authorities issued by the transport document or judicial organ, or the judicial police agency prepared paper shows that, for purposes of litigation evidence and insured or declare the value of the parcel send each other, or as the insured parcel for medical or scientific research, the Post Office granted items without this restriction;
          7, indecent assault of a document or article. But by the judicial organ or the judicial police department in writing to prove the purpose of the litigation evidence, as registered mail or parcel post, not subject to this restriction;
          8, to prohibit access to the file or articles;
          9, Taiwan area of the relevant authorities to prohibit the sale and production of documents or articles. But by the judicial organ or the judicial police department in writing to prove the purpose of the litigation evidence, as registered mail or parcel post, not subject to this restriction;
          10, lottery and lottery related advertising leaflets. But by the judicial organ or the judicial police department in writing to prove the purpose of the litigation evidence, as registered mail or parcel post, not subject to this restriction;

          11. Other prohibited items prescribed by other laws.


      (four) other
          1, package insurance this service for users to buy voluntarily;
    • Do I need to buy insurance for my items?
      Insurance is not compulsory. We offer free compensation of value up to S$100 for each parcel if the items inside are damaged, lost or having any issues listed in our inspection coverage . For high value items, you may buy insurance for them in order to get a full compensation equivalent to the full amount of product price and the shipping cost of the items, capped at S$2000.
    • Do I need to buy insurance for my items?
      Insurance is not compulsory. We offer free compensation of value up to S$100 for each parcel if the items inside are damaged, lost or having any issues listed in our inspection coverage . For high value items, you may buy insurance for them in order to get a full compensation equivalent to the full amount of product price and the shipping cost of the items, capped at S$2000.
    • Do I need to buy insurance for my items?
      You can add insurance for your high value goods. The charge is 3% of the declared value of the goods and international shipping fee. If the parcel is lost, you will be 100% compensated, capped at S$2000.
    • What are compensation rules for lost items by sea or by air?

      If the container is inspected by China customs and the lost items are very little, the compensation will not be paid. If the whole carton is lost, the compensation will be 3 times of the freight cost, or each carton cannot exceed SGD 133.9. There is no compensation for the damage. If consumers buy insurance, the premium is 5/1000 of the value of the insurance policy or the minimum fee is SGD30.For the goods with insurance, if the goods are lost the compensation will be in accordance with the customs declaration provided by customers. Insurance premium only covers for the loss of goods, and doesn't  cover the goods damaged and other.

    • Why I need to buy insurance for goods?

      If customers want to buy insurance, the premium is 5 ‰ of goods’ value. The minimum premium is $30.00 for each policy. If these goods get lost, compensation will be based on the documentation used for the declaration. Insurance only covers for the lost goods, not cover for damaged goods.

    • Local Delivery

    • What is mean ahout ot delivered?
      "Not hurl" refers to the delivery personnel has been delivered over, but because the recipient is not in or other reasons cause no mail properly sent to the hands of the recipients, package is not signed, so the display to hurl.
      Package to a foreign country is by the local post office to be delivered, for you to timely fetch the parcel, it is recommended you take the initiative to contact the Post Office Advisory package delivery.
    • How to check if my collection is arranged successfully?
      The confirmed collection date and time are stated under "My waybill" in your account.
    • How long does the home delivery take?
      You can choose same-day delivery before 3:30pm. Normally the delivery is done during 6.30pm to 10.30pm, so please make sure there's someone at home to receive the parcel on the selected date.
    • What if I missed the scheduled collection time?
      We strictly follow the timing for each collection schedule, as we may need to rush to the next spot, so there will be no waiting for late comers. If you missed the scheduled collection, you can re-arrange another time slots one day later under "My Parcel", or contact us for help.
    • Can I ask someone else to collect on my behalf?
      Yes, you can. Please make sure them know your user-id and are able to provide your HP no. for verification.
    • How do I collect my parcels after they arrive in Singapore?
      You can select either free collection or paid home delivery before parcels are shipped out. After parcels arrive in Singapore, for
      Free collection: you need book one of the 94 neighbourhood collection points, 13 MRT stations or 7 warehouses with different time slots.
      Home delivery: we will deliver to you directly within the same day or the next day, with prior notification.
    • Why do I need to confirm the information of delivery address in English and the contact?

      Wrong delivery address may cause extra delivery costs.

    • Why the shipper will be responsible if the consignee does not pay the amount?

      Because this shipment has already shipped out by sea or by air, if consignee rejects to receive the goods, all the costs will be borne by the shipper.

    • Under what situation, our company will detain the goods?

      Customers do not pay up the price, freight cost, GST, penalties and etc within certain period; our company has the right to detain the goods until customers pay up all the relevant amount an the storage costs.

    • When will we charge the delivery costs?

      Our delivery staff has notified customers about the delivery date. When our drivers arrive at your place, but nobody is there to receive the goods, or the cheque is not ready. Then we will deliver again at a later date.

    • Why need to charge additional costs for extra delivery place?

      Our costs increased.

    • When the goods will be disposed?

      Unclaimed goods more than 1 month will be disposed. If customers do not want to pay the costs and cannot settle the disputes, the title of goods will be belonging to our company. Goods will be sold at a very low price. Our company will return the remaining amount after deducting relevant administration cost, selling costs and storage costs.

    • Standby cost
      SGD 30/ hour /person.
    • Package abnormal

    • What is compensation rules for lost items?

      If the container is inspected by China customs and the lost items are very little, the compensation will not be paid. If the whole carton is lost, the compensation will be 3 times the freight cost, or each carton cannot exceed RMB 600. Every package cannot exceed CNY 150.

    • Why I cannot get compensation on damaged goods?

      We did not open the goods when they arrive our warehouse. The outside package looks intact does not mean the goods inside are not damaged. There are many transportation channels during the whole process. We cannot determine the damaged level.