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    What are the value-added services and charges?

    Take photo: if you want to make sure that the seller sends the correct items before shipping them all the way to Singapore, you can choose this value added service. When we receive your parcel, we will take out the items and take minimum 3 photos from different angles for you to view. The charge is $3 per parcel sent from sellers.


    Videos: If you need the inspection process for the commodity record 30 seconds of video paragraph 2, in order to ensure that goods are correct, each order rate $6.

    Repackage: If you need reinforcement merchandise, you can choose to re-packaging, bags every $3, playing wooden price for $40.

    Return & exchange:  if the parcel we receive contains prohibited items cannot be shipping, or you change your mind, we can help you return the parcel back to the seller. The charge is $1 per parcel on top of the courier fee.