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    Estimated weight and the actual weight

    First introduced the feature of this feature, the difference between the cost of parcel freight return, real benefits to the user, not many users a penny.

    What is the estimated weight?

    The goods will be packed into a pre estimated weight, because the product itself has a packaging, packaging, there will be a carton packaging, if you need to remove the packaging, the weight is not the same, you buy the goods arrived in the new warehouse, we will be pre weighed, that is, the estimated weight.

    What is the actual weight?

    After you submit the package to the actual weight of the package once, we will be on your package (the weight of goods and packing weight) two times, that is, the actual weight. The actual weight of the package after the 3 days of work can click on the package details.

    If the actual weight is lighter than the estimated weight and the difference, the package will be returned to your personal cash account after you confirm the receipt.

    What is the volume weight?

    Volume weight is a method of calculating the weight of light weight in the transportation industry. The volume weight is the weight of the goods, which can be obtained by using the conversion formula.

    In the new special line, green, TOLL Australia line:

    Volume weight calculation formula = length cm x cm x high cm/5000

    Warm tip: international freight is according to the weight and volume of the commodity of billing. When the size and the weight of the package is greater than the actual weight will be in accordance with the size of the weight of the billing, if your package according to the weight of the volume calculation of freight, in the new will according to when the prediction weight charges are the difference will not be returned, if need to fill freight by in the new bear, you do not need to pay the freight volume and weight, logistics company marked on the package weight or by actual weight to fill in, just in charge according to the weight of the volume calculation.