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    • WeChat recharge
      WeChat payment is made by the Tencent Inc's mobile social communication software WeChat and the three party payment platform for mobile payment products, WeChat payment and security system by Tencent Choi paid through support. Money paid through the Internet to pay a license and have a comprehensive security system of the third party payment platform.

      You only need to bind your bank card in the micro letter, and complete the identity authentication, then you can recharge, pay only when you enter the password on your phone, you can complete the recharge.

      WeChat pay to support the bank's debit card and credit card: China Merchants Bank, construction bank, China Everbright Bank, China CITIC Bank, agricultural bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Ping An Bank, Societe Generale Bank, Minsheng bank. In addition, the credit WeChat payment card issuing bank also supports the following: Shenzhen Development Bank, Bank of Ningbo.
      1, login account, click "my account" --- "top up", select "WeChat", enter the amount you want to recharge, click on the "immediate charge" button
      2, the system will automatically jump to the WeChat recharge page, please open your mobile app micro letter "sweep", page scan two-dimensional code and in the mobile terminal input password can complete the payment.
      3, after the success of recharge, click on the "my account" to view the available balance, or choose "transaction records" to view the situation; recharge time to 60 minutes.
    • Alipay recharge
      Alipay recharge
      Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading independent third party payment platform, Alibaba Group's Associate Company. Alipay is committed to providing a simple, safe, fast online payment solution for the Chinese e-commerce,
      PayPal has been with more than 160 domestic and foreign banks and VISA, MasterCard international organizations and other institutions to establish a thorough strategic partnership, as a financial institution in the field of electronic payment is the most trusted partner, Alipay payment, real-time arrival.
      1, Click on the "my account" page, select "immediately recharge"
      2, Choose to pay treasure recharge, enter the amount you want to recharge, click on the immediate recharge"
      3, The system will automatically jump to the PayPal page, please enter your PayPal account, password and verification code, click on Alipay account payment"
    • Paypal how to pay recharge

      Paypal supports 4 international cards (Master, American, Express VISA, Card JCB) and some national bank cards in the world.

      No matter what currency account you use, Paypal recharge are converted to US dollars, Paypal recharge, there may be 1-60 minutes to the delay.

      According to the latest exchange rate announced by the Bank of China, we will be based on the exchange rate of the Chinese bank's exchange rate is not a real-time adjustment.

      The current use of Paypal charge fee is 3.9% + $0.50 SGD.

      1, login account, click on my account - "top up", select "Paypal".

      2, enter the amount you want to recharge, click "Go to recharge".

      3, the system will automatically jump to the top of the Paypal page.

    • How to register on paypal?

      1 enter www.PayPal.com/, please register

      2 according to the personal language used to choose the language of the page display.

      3 select account type
      To create an account type, click on the corresponding type to start immediately".
      4 account information page
      4.1 person, senior account
      Enter the account registration page, begin to fill in the relevant information.
      Account login information

      Email address: please provide a personal email as PayPal login user name
      Password: please set a password for your PayPal account. To account for the security, PayPal recommends that you use the combination of English, digital and special characters to set the password.
      Account holder's personal information

    • After the recharge, how long will it take before arrival?
      If you choose to pay Paypal, most are real-time to the account (Paypal electronic checks, except for the Paypal risk of freezing, in order to end the actual processing cycle prevail), PayPal international card requires the bank's 24 hours audit.
    • About the time of the prepaid money back
      Recharge mode refund processing time
      Under normal circumstances Paypal 7-12 working days (including website processing time) will return Paypal account
      Under normal circumstances, the Paypal bank card (7-12) will be returned to the bank card (including the site processing time).
      PayPal normal circumstances 7-12 working days (including the site processing time) will be returned to PayPal account
      Money paid through international card
      Under normal circumstances, the 7-12 working days (including site processing time) will be returned to the international card
      Under normal circumstances, the 7-12 working days (including site processing time) will be returned to the micro channel account or bank card account
    • What is the exchange rate?
      The exchange is floating, it changes from time to time. Current effective exchange rate is
      1 SGD = 4.40 CNY
    • What is transaction number?
      Transaction number is the transaction reference number provided by bank after you complete a transaction. For ATM transfer or deposit, it's a 3 or 4 digit number shown on the receipt. For i-banking, it's a 6 to 16 digit number depending on the bank you use. It's shown on the webpage informing you that the transaction is successful, so please copy it down before closing the page.
    • How to check if my Top Up is successful?

      Under "Member Center",you can view your account.Top up will be handled Within 1 working da. If your top up is not successful within 1 working days,please contact us.

    • Can I know the overall cost before placing orders?

      1st Payment (product payment) can be viewed when checking out orders. 2nd payment (international shipping fee & agent fee) cannot be confirmed before placing order, because the international shipping fee depends on the actual weight/volumetric weight of your items, which we don't know until the orders are received. However, if you can estimate the weight/volumetric weight, you can do estimation by yourself by using our Cost Calculator.

    • Do I need to pay GST for my parcels?

      GST(Goods and Services Tax).


      Regardless "Buy for me" or “Ship for Me".


      For Sea shipment and Economy Sea shipment, customers are required to pay the corresponding 7% GST incurred for all orders by yourself.


      For Air freight, we will absorb the GST incurred for your orders normally.


      However for high value parcels (total value including Product Price + China Express + International Freight of all parcels submitted under single collection /delivery is $400 or more),  you are required to pay the corresponding 7% GST of that particular parcels by yourself.

    • Payment Methods

      OCBC Account Number:553752650001
      DBS Account: 245-20276-8


      Paypal recharge supports four international credit cards(visa, master, American Express, and JCB card) ; no matter which currency you use, PayPal payment is calculated in USD and its recharge service charge is 4.4%+$0.3.

      Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is China leading independent third party payment platform, it is an Alibaba group Associate Company. Alipay is committed to providing "safe, rapid, simple online" payment solutions for global e-commerce;!

      WeChat Payment is provided by Tencent, it is the third party payment platform, WeChat payment and security system are supported by Tencent, which holds the Internet payment license and has a complete security system.

    • Why sometimes recharge was successful, but the account balance does not update?
      Recharge successfully, but the account balance does not update, please contact us.